Monday, July 07, 2008

Two lists of old fashioned things

One of things we should re-adopt and one of things best left in the past.


1. Patience as a virtue. Beating our children.

2. Looking out for your neighbours. Standing to God Save the Queen.

3. Intellectual interest in Islam. Shooting Muslims.

4. Making things to last. Deference to toffs.

5. Turning things off when not in use. Coal.

6. Trade unions as part of everyday life. The pub as part of everyday life.

7. Personal boundaries. Casual acceptance of "wife beating".

8. Reusing everything. The Empire.

9. Knickerbockerglories. All gay people in one enormous closet.

10. Nationalisation. Nationalism.


Pippa said...

How often do you think we should go to the pub?

Jim Jay said...

Hha! I knew that would get picked up...

it's not that long ago when almost the only public activity (in the UK) you could do at night was to go to the pub - people's lives revolved around it. I think that was a bad thing.

I don't mind how often someone goes to the pub these days (and why should I, none of my business after all) but what I'm very pleased about is that there is now a choice - and if I want to meet people at nine it does not have to be in the dog and duck over some sweaty beer.

Pippa said...

That sounds reasonable. But I think the number of pubs closing is a worrying development...