Sunday, July 20, 2008

Requests for all the family

I've a number of requests for you that you might like to take part in.

Firstly, I'm compiling the short list for 2008's top twenty green blogs that will be announced in the beginning of August. This follows on from the same awards in 2006 and 2007 where, using an extremely thorough and pseudo scientific method, we get a snapshot of what is crackling on the Green Blogosphere.

In order to avoid having to do a fine tooth comb of all 400 or so of the UK's Green Blogs (that's green in general by the way, not just Green Party) last year I introduced a shortlisting process which included all those who'd come in the top twenty previously, and those submitted by readers (and myself) and it's these blogs who are submitted to the very intensive marking process.

If you know of a green blog that did not come in the top twenty in 2006 or 2007 please leave a comment in the box and I'll add it / them to the short list. This will be particularly useful this year because there are so many new blogs out there. Thanks.

On a connected theme. Iain Dale's new political blogging book (which the top twenty green blogs will be a part of) has a broader top 100 of the UK's political blogs. He is now appealing for people to vote for their favourites. Read the details here. Deadline August 15th. I already have in mind some of the blogs I'll be voting for.

Next: The carnival of socialism is getting back on the road and the excellent Cruella will be hosting the next edition this Friday (25th). The edition after will be hosted by the top notch Socialist Party blogger A Very Public Sociologist (please ignore the exceptionally ugly header font to his blog - I think it's a socialist rejection of aestheticism or something).

If you spot some righteous left wing blogging in the next five days be sure to let Cruella know, and if you're keen on hosting the carnival skip on over to the C of S site and leave a comment in the appropriate receptacle.

Lastly, I'll be hosting an online Green Leadership Hustings not long after close of nominations (31st July). I'd like you to submit the questions for the candidates.

Please send them directly to me at my jimjepps email account at I'll be putting ten of those questions to the candidates (I'll be weeding out for double entries, rudeness and idiocy - sorry) as is standard practice I will be welcoming controversial or difficult questions. This offer is, of course, open to both party and non-party members. That's right - this will be the only opportunity for non-party members to quiz the leadership contenders, how Web 2.0

There should be something for everyone there I reckon. Please feel to spread the word on any, all or none of these. Thanks.

ps don't forget to vote in my boycott poll (right). My ethics are in your hands.


Anonymous said...

I wish to nominate the Croydon Green Party blog which is run by Shasha Khan and Mike Armstrong. I find it informative and it has become my first port of call for the latest news on local issues.


Anonymous said...

I also must add that I am a big fan of your blog and enjoy reading your progressive take on social and green issues. It has very quickly become one of my favourite blogs.


Anonymous said...

Newbie blog: