Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Green's Shan Oakes to oppose David Davis

The long wait is over - David Davis will not be getting a completely free ride in the election he sparked over "civil liberties".

The Haltemprice and Howden by election (10th July) will see the Green Party's Shan Oakes stand as the only candidate of note to go head to head with the former shadow home secretary as both the Lib Dems and New Labour national parties have ensured the local parties would not stand.

You can check out Shan's new blog at http://shanoakes.blogspot.com where you can follow the campaign and hopefully discover how to get involved.


Derek Wall said...

We have just put out a press release giving official Green Party support to Shan Oakes standing in the H and H by-elections,
my blog entry tells you how you can donate money to the campaign and get involved.



Duncan Money said...

Good stuff, I'm glad to see someone else is putting up a candidate.

All this crap about David Davis being pro-freedom, pro-liberty with no-one to challenge him and point out he voted for 28 days, etc was making me nauseous.