Saturday, May 24, 2008

Medals in the post to Green councillors

Two excellent pieces of news from our agents who've managed to sneak themselves into the corridors of local power.

The indomitable Norwich Greens have won a 20 mph speed limit for all residential areas. It's been a long hard struggle but, partly by virtue of their improved position since May 1st, they have finally been successful. Now it just remains to ensure these measures get enforced.

Even more impressive than this Green councillors in Lewisham have won an important victory in their battle for a London Living Wage. From now on the council is to ensure a minimum wage of £ 7.20 / hour for all it's workers and (vitally) for those employed by contractors too. It's great news, particularly as it helps to undercut the divide and rule of farming out public services to private contractors.

The next step? Well when Sian Berry was running for Mayor she put it like this;

"As Mayor, I would ensure all public employers pay their workers a living wage of £7.20 an hour and roll this out to cover companies who want to get contracts with public bodies as well. And then I'd shame any private employer who refused to follow suit."
Councillors, I'm popping your medals in the post today.

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