Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Clinton: We're full steam ahead to the White House

I've just heard Hillary Clinton announce to cheering crowds that it is "full steam ahead to the White House". I doubt anyone has ever displayed such enthusiasm to go on one of those guided tours they do. I'd have thought it would particularly painful to wander round your old home knowing that a hated enemy who've you've spent months plotting against and smearing is about to move in.

It must be like a painful tooth - you know you should leave it alone but you just can't.

Obama is well ahead on delegates to the Democrats convention and he won a 14% lead in North Carolina, whilst Clinton won just 2% of a lead in Indiana. It's not enough thank God, but she feels its worth dragging it all out a little bit longer yet - after all it's not like they have the Republicans to beat is it?

Some people are still speculating that Obama and Clinton could run on a joint ticket but after the unpleasantness of the last few months this simply would not be credible. Anyway, why reward Clinton for her irresponsible behaviour?

The other question that people seem to be asking is whether the US is ready for a black President. Well, there's only one way to make them ready - and that's to elect one. There's no use pandering to the most backward elements in society, you need to just turn round and say "Come on, buck your ideas up" and press ahead.


scott redding said...

The idea of a joint ticket only suits Clinton. If Obama is the Presidential candidate, and Clinton his VP, how can he run on the issue of Iraq? How can he run against the legacy of not just the last 8 years, but 1992-2000?

Jim Jay said...

I just heard clinton going on about renewable energy, at the very time she's proposing cheaper petrol - i wonder if the two are connected?