Friday, May 09, 2008

The BNP really are crap, and other stories

  1. The BNP did make net gains in the council elections last week, although these were extremely limited. Even more limited now as three, count them THREE, of their new North Wales councillors have resigned before attending even a single session of council. Apparently they aren't racists and one councillor incurred the wrath of the party by "helping fucking Pakis". Lancaster UAF takes up the story.

  2. If you've seen any news in the last few days you'll have seen that the Lebanon is in the midsts of a crisis ostensibly provoked by the government attempting to dismantle Hezbollah's infrastructure. My recommended reading in the coming weeks is blogger Marxist from Lebanon who has been posting from the war zone, because that's where he lives.

  3. One excellent leftist publication in the US has an excellent article on the myth of the reactionary working class. What's interesting is that the arguments there mirror very closely the kind of arguments we face over here on the "white working class". Well worth a look.

  4. Meanwhile Tesco's evil machinations have not ceased. This time their all seeing eye has turned towards Brighton, where a small band of rebels hope they can hold out against the monster. My own view is that until the last Tesco is a smoking heap of ash we will not have won.

  5. Now is the time that Cardinals are being nice to atheists. Radio Four was particularly weird this morning before I left for work. So it's excellent timing that the Daily Mash have come out with Atheists are nice people who will roast in hell.

  6. Lastly, the reaction to the Santa Cruz autonomy vote continues. The government crisis has reached the level that Morales has called for a vote of confidence in his rule. It's a risky business - but good luck!

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Leftwing Criminologist said...

on the stuff with the BNP town councillors - good news, but god help us if the far-right ever organised itself properly, though.