Friday, May 30, 2008

Beware the fashion police

When you're getting dressed in the morning I want you to be very, very careful when selecting your wardrobe. One false move and you could land up in hot water with the fashion police. Exhibit number one: US celebrity Rachael Ray - who is a cook or something.

"Why?" You ask with that typical wide eyed innocence that I've come to adore "What did she wear?" It's almost too terrible to say, but I know you have a strong stomach, it was a.... black and white scarf! For this fashion crime she has had her adverts for some donut company withdrawn and is now subject to wholesale smearing by the right wing press.

This horrifying example of "hate couture" was spotted by the eagle eyed Michelle Malkin,who noticed the scarf had a resemblance to a keffiyeh (which is a piece of clothing worn sometimes in Arabic countries). Here we were being incited to hate and we hadn't even noticed - everyone thought they were just being told to eat more donuts (it's the American way).

Now personally I'm (a) not sure you can be accused of inciting anything if no one realises (or at the very least you are a rubbish inciter) (b) forbidding people from wearing Arab scarves might, in itself, be seen as racist. Because it is. (c) in case no one's noticed the vast majority of people wearing black and white scarves do not realise they are just one step away from becoming a suicide bomber. Dupes the lot of them. Shame on their black and white scarf wearing souls.

Thank God Malkin hadn't noticed that Ray had recently conducted a supportive interview with next President Obama where she came out with incisive political comment like "It is such an exciting wonderful time to be an American and I think that your campaign has really created this great wave, this great fervor and it just must be so exciting for you."

If Ray's fashion critics realise who she supports for President they might try to do her over on trumped up and stupid charges.


Duncan Money said...

Michelle Malkin wears trousers.

Hitler wore trousers.

Going by her own logic I think we can safely assume that Malkin is probably a neo-Nazi.

Jack Ray said...

I must say I think the whole hate campaign is pretty unambiguously good thing. It's basically got the whole US right-wing blogosphere looking like swivel-eyed loons. "Your scarf supports terrorism" hehe.