Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mayoral booklet out

You can now download the Mayoral booklet being sent to every home in London with an address from every candidate in it here. It's a largish pdf so be warned for those with clunky connections!

Some immediate thoughts;

  1. The BNP candidate has his address first - grrr. It also quotes Samantha, a student, saying "I'm voting BNP because I'm Irish." Let's hope she isn't a student of history.
  2. The UKIP and Lib Dems use identical colour schemes and are sited next to each other, oopsie.
  3. There's something about the way the Christian Choice candidate is holding his wife that is slightly... well... frightening.
  4. The Left List's Lindsey German gets a dig in at the Olympics (good) although it's a rather weak comment about "Londoners" not having to subsidise them. Ever since running for Mayor she's been converted from hard core centralism to London Independence-ism. Good.
  5. Johnson is serious, serious, serious. Even his picture is of him hard at work rather than the chirpy smiles to camera of the other candidates. Are the Tories worried he seems a little light weight to be Mayor? They should be.
  6. Sian Berry's natty little piece is probably the most aesthetically pleasing in the booklet, although perhaps I'm biased. I also like the fact the policies focus on quality of life, cost of living and a decent wage for all. Pukka.
  7. How cool does the English Democrat candidate think he is? Very is my guess. Nice hair though.
  8. Ken Livingstone is ultra confident lurking as the last candidate back on page 20. Big face too.
  9. Last comment - I rather like the booklet itself. Well laid out and presented. An opportunity for all the candidate to take part in a kind of arms length hustings. Good stuff, I wish more areas would take up this idea.


Anonymous said...

Well, they don't seem to think that climate change is much of an issue judging by this booklet. Not enough votes in it, perhaps?

Jim Jay said...

Which they do you mean Sue?

Xhris said...

Minor correction, Jim. The BNP candidate is first because he was drawn first out of the hat.

I stand to be corrected on this, but I seem to recall last time (when I was Darren's agent) each candidate received an invitation to this drawing of lots and none turned up.

Jim Jay said...

You know what Xhris - i think you're right - otherwise why would Berry be after German? Thanks!

Xhris said...

It's the words "I drew lots to decide the order they appear in." in the ERO's address on page 2 that's a bit of a giveaway:)

Jim Jay said...

I've amended the text from "The BNP candidate has his address first courtesy of his surname beginning with a B - grrr." to "The BNP candidate has his address first - grrr."

I still don't think they'll much of the Irish vote though