Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Last Post

Well, probably not the last post ever - but rather the last one for a little bit. I'm undergoing surgery in Addenbrookes Hospital tomorrow morning on my eye and blogging may well be down my list of priorities over the next few days. Apologies for the interruption of service.

In the mean time here are a few bits and bobs to keep you going should you be in need of reading material;

  • Tim Robbins made a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters. Damn hilarious and chilling at the same time.
  • You may also wish to consider the Ministerial aid who quit and then withdrew her resignation over Brown's tax plans. I guess she felt the crack of the whip, naughty girl, rocking the boat in the run up to an election like that.
  • Look away now if you are easily shocked. The Navy patrol seized by Iranians last year were in disputed waters after all. Gasp.
  • There's a new Cambridge lefty blog in town courtesy of Citizen Steve.
  • Gaian Economics muses on the slogan less is more.
  • I should also point you towards a relatively new read for me, Principia Dialectica, who I'm finding rather jolly.
See you soon...


Dan said...

Good luck with the operation!

Starting blogging again soon - or as soon as you can see, anyway. :p

Graeme McIver said...

Yeah, good luck with operation Jim.
Thanks for pointing us at Principia Dialectica. I've just found a quick ten minutes very interesting.
Best Wishes

Anglonoel said...

Hope the op goes well!

Jim Jay said...

Just a quick one to say the op went all-riiight and I am battered, bruised but may well have a cool scar.

Am out of hospital at least

Very thirsty - i think this might a side effect of the drugs am drinking loads and it doesn't seem to help (careful not to od on water jim)

a very public sociologist said...

I've only just seen this. All the best to you, Jim, and a speedy recovery too!

dan said...

Yeah, remember the medical U-turn on the whole "seven glasses of water a day" being needed to keep you healthy.

You might end up in hospital all over again!

scott redding said...

Will the "cool scar" be in the shape of a lightening bolt and ache if Voldemort is nearby? Hope your recovery goes well.

Ed said...

Glad it went Ok Jim.