Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bits and bobs

A few bits and bobs for your consideration;

You can read my "The left case for Sian Berry" over at this week's Weekly Worker. I've not yet checked to see if they've edited it down or not.

You can read the article Peter Cranie and myself wrote on "London elections of national importance" at Socialist Unity. Be advised the 82 comments in response are not always "on topic".

The next Carnival of Socialism will be a touch late at Socialist Unity on the 29th.

A reminder that May 1st (Thursday next week) is not only international workers' day (there will be a special edition over at the Carnival of Socialism) it is also election day in the UK. That means you have one week of campaigning time left to try to maximise the impact of those who argue progressive politics.

I'd also like to welcome The View From Steeltown back to blogsville, albeit in a new location.

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