Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tesco's can go fuck itself: official

You heard it here first. Tesco's cannot move into Mill Road.



Chris said...


Steve said...

Hi Jim,

As far as I can make out, it is only the extension that has been turned down. The sign and ATM have been approved and Tesco can open a store any time they like. Obviously there are problems with this and it may be unlikely, but surely they will not just sell up and leave?

Jim Jay said...

My understanding is that the shop is too small for a Tesco Express and that they have given an undertaking not to open up a shop that wont make a profit (!)

Interestingly the CEN seems to have a different story in print (which I guess was the early edition) to online which seems more pro-tesco "fighting on" etc.


Steve said...

I have seen the CEN article - your link is to an al-Jazeera article on Colombia! - and am still pretty unclear as to what is happening.

Obviously both sides are claiming a victory, but Tesco seem to have the upper hand. They already have permission for the store, the sign and the ATM's which they can go ahead with. They could open the store and maybe even appeal and win on the extension (I am not sure if this is an option?)

Either way, I am left confused as to the outcome of this. What's happening next?

Jim Jay said...

Ooops! That's what happens if you do too many things at once.

Whilst the situation in Colombia is important it probably doesn't throw much light on the whole Tesco / Mill Road issue. This is the article I meant to link to earlier... CEN

I don't think Tesco do have the upper hand - although you are perfectly right to say that the campaign is not able to pack up its stalls and go home. I think the campaign will be meeting to decide what's next - although the mood is pretty much smiles all round at the moment.

The point about openning is that the Wilco site isn't big enough for them to have an Express without an extension - they have serious thinking to do about whether theyt have a viable use for the site.

Jim Jay said...

Hopegully this should help

Bill said...

I recently bought some petrol from Tesco in St Neots.

Tesco charged me of course but no petrol was dispensed. I ran out on the way home.

I complained but they refused a refund. Any advice on what to do about these crooks?

Jim Jay said...

I think to take the case to court you'll need to be able to prove it - and that may be difficult... I'd suggest the Cambridge Evening News would be a good start - gfive them a ring and they may run a story