Thursday, March 27, 2008

Praise Canada

Great story in the Guardian the other day about how wonderful Canada is compared to the slime ridden crime fest that is modern Britain (apparently). Not only do they drink a thing called a "carrot, apple and ginger smoothie", whatever that might be, they also really appreciate the police.

The Guardian followed a pair of British cops plodding the mean streets of Calgary. "All morning there had been no crimes to foil - though one man did ask for directions - but the pair seemed blissfully happy, not to mention well-loved." (my emphasis) I love that but . Not once did they have to deal with a drugged up arsehole or a granny who'd been beaten to pulp but somehow they still remained chipper strolling the gold paved streets of Calgary... I couldn't help but titter at the weird world the journalist is trying to conjure up there with their but.

We're told it's an ideal place for serving cops to emigrate to and by the end of 2008 "nearly 10% of Calgary's entire force will be British." Why is this? Well, an ex-Brit cop tells us that "No joke, around 10-15 times a day, a member of the public comes up to me and tells me what a good job I'm doing," said Locke. "In 14 years working for the Met, I think that happened twice."

However, I think the clue to their pleasant working conditions lies outside of the ruthless efficiency of the Canadian police force, no disrespect. Canada has "virtually zero unemployment and a rapidly ageing indigenous population of just over three million... Plus the education system is good, there is free health care for all, and the job market is so competitive that wages are high."" Ahhhh, now I'm beginning to see why there are "no crimes to foil".

All those people who are thanking their local bobby should be thanking the economy and the Social Democratic orientation of the Canadian political system. The fact is social problems require social solutions. Whilst the quality of life in Canada is that much higher than in the majority of the world (although the article rather over eggs the pudding I suspect) crime will be lower, crack downs and repressive legislation have nothing to do with it.

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