Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Don't drink and drive. Unless you want to.

Today's CEN makes for sobering reading.

What do you think the sentence for drink driving might be? You'll need some details to assess the likely outcome of the case so;

  • the person before the court was on their fourth offence
  • one of their drink driving offences was when they crashed whilst taking their kids to school
  • they were over three times the legal limit
  • they were stopped because of clearly poor driving
  • fines and driving bans have been imposed before to no effect
Well, would you be surprised to hear that the offender got a suspended sentence and a sixty five pound fine? That's sixty five pounds.

I know what you're thinking - the courts in Cambridgeshire are clearly run by drunken anarcho-leftists who refuse to jail anyone on principle. Sadly, that's not the case - there is a more simple answer.

It helps if your family own Chippenham Park Estate and your mother is a "respected" Magistrate.


Leftwing Criminologist said...

that doesn't suprise me at all - we need a democratically accountable judiciary now!

weggis said...

Drunk while taking the kids to school? Like 8am?

One more reason to avoid the Mum Run!