Saturday, March 15, 2008

Demonstration Today

Off the catch the train now for the demo - if you see me on the march do say hello.

One question - what algebra do you use to work out how many are on a march?

My formula is to take the police number, average it with the organisers' estimate and then compare that to what I think. I never use the BBC or other media outlets as part of my workings out as they are just too unreliable.

Roll on the day when the left has the guts to give out a true figure without worrying about what that might say for their reputation and influence in the movement.

Update: Police estimate 10,000, Organisers estimate 50,000 which means the average is 30,000. I'm happy to go with that - although I think that's the top end so my estimate is 20 - 30,000

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