Sunday, March 02, 2008

Darren Johnson's extraordinary face

I think I'm becoming obsessed with photographs of London Assembly Member Darren Johnson. This is a worrying development to say the least. It's just he has such an extraordinary face... I'm putting it down to the boyish smile.

Having spent most of yesterday delivering hundreds of leaflets in Lewisham, each one adorned with two large photos, an enormous mug shot on the front and, on the back, what can only be described as an ill advised shorts / bicycle combo. I've yet to see a picture of Darren that doesn't bring a grin to my face and at least a little chuckle - bringing laughter to the world is a wonderful gift and one not to be scorned.

It was a real pleasure to tramp the streets of Lewisham in support of one of the most capable and effective members the London Assembly has to offer, even when scaling the three enormous tower blocks in one of my sections. Darren is on the correct side of every issue, be it Heathrow expansion, Sir Ian Blair, war, Israel/Palestine or chips I've yet to find that face associated with a misdeed. Long may that continue.

I went down to Lewisham as part of their regular "Action Saturdays" where they have been encouraging activists to get out and campaign for a while now. This was my first time and although I was told it was a slow week it seemed to be a hive of activity with people coming and going collecting leaflets, writing articles and press releases and importantly supplying donuts to the faithful, as a note of thanks of course (rather than a bribe).

It turns out that Lewisham, unusually for a local branch is not strapped for cash either and gives a little pressie to your local branch for every thousand leaflets delivered. I hadn't realised this before I went, I guess the system is to stop local parties moaning that "their" activists are going off and helping in other areas - so it's win win all round. Foot soldiers for Lewisham and backhanders for the provinces.

I'd recommend anyone who want to help increase the Green presence on the London Assembly to get yourself down there. Thanks to the lovely Sue for putting me up - particularly as her blog is being pestered by petrol heads at the moment. Those who can't get to London could always give her some support in the comments box if you're in need of good karma.

Contact Sue for info

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Sue Luxton said...

Hi Jim
Thanks again for all your help on Saturday - much appreciated. It was the first time I'd done the 'donuts for deliverers' thing, maybe I'll try that again! We sometimes have homemade chocolate marble cake made by Ute, which is even better!! Should clarify, in case any electoral law geeks are reading this, that the donuts were for our helpers, not our voters, and as soon as electoral purdah kicks in mid-March the donuts will have a collection box next to them for contributions towards their cost, to avoid breaking electoral law . . . . So come this weekend and help deliver London Green News for your last chance to get free 'donuts for deliverers'!