Friday, February 08, 2008

The Void is gone!

I've just received a very worrying email from an excellent anarchist blogger who has twice made the top twenty green blogs list (2007, 2006).

"the void blog has been banned by blogspot for allegedly not obeying the terms of service. no further information has been given as yet... the void calls for solidarity from fellow bloggers, please help spread the word.

"it could be you next... we can now be found at


"and are in the process of updating as much of the archive as we can be arsed.

"please update any links etc, sorry for the inconvenience."

In these days when everyone seems worried about the government watching them it's important to remember the biggest source of censorship (in the West at least) is from business, the owners, not the adminstration.

(see comment for update)

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the void said...

hi jimjay, thanks for the support

turns out to be more cock up than conspiracy at least according to google, but making some noise about it may well have helped sort it out quicker

a look through blogger help forums show that some blogs have been suspended or deleted for three weeks without hearing any reason why from google

which is why we're gonna be slowly migrating to wordpress anyway