Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today's odds and bits and that

A few odds and ends that I've come across today.

John McDonnell had an interesting piece on the Guardian website on the financial sector and the regulation there-of.

Stroppybird has posted up the 17th Carnival of Socialism which has a wide ranging number of contributors, including a surprising amount of green stuff. Jack Ray is the next host on the 29th Feb., remember to let him know about any cool lefty posts you see between now and then.

Mark Steel's home page is finally functioning, including an exclusive article that the Observer commisioned and then refused to publish. For something more up to date his latest Indepenent article on Castro had me in stitches.

Talking of new sites, I've just found Two Doctors the blog of James Mackenzie who works for the Greens in the Scottish Parliament. My rss feed is hardly brimming with blogs from north of the border so it's good to add a new one.

More good news - Boris Johnson is getting his wrist slapped for some sort of dodgy financial capering. Which reminds me Johnny Void does not appear to be the bumbling one's biggest fan.

I don't know - everyone's getting stressed out these days.

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