Friday, February 22, 2008

How much do C4 pay their cleaners?

I see from the Green Room that C4 have been snipping out sections on workers wages from their political slot. Tsk. I'll allow Noel Lynch to explain.

"Channel 4 have just screened our Political Slot film - sort of.

"In the original film, Siân Berry, Green Party candidate for Mayor of London, explained how Greens on the London Assembly won a big pay rise for cleaners in the Fire Brigade by using their power of the Mayor's budget to create the London Living Wage Unit.

"But Channel 4 didn't want you to see that. So they cut it out.

"They were happy to let us tell you about how we've introduced a scheme to provide advice on greening your home, and how we've won funding to increase the amount and quality of green space in East London. And those are great achievements - but why is it that we're not allowed to tell you that there's more to Green politics than the environment?

"We don't know. But it has left us asking how many cleaners at Channel 4 are on poverty wages.

"You can see the full, uncensored broadcast at:
-- and please help get the word out by sharing it and posting it on your profile.

"Fortunately, not everyone wants to stop us fighting poverty pay - organisations including the NUS, Unite, UNISON, the Fawcett Society, and Oxfam have made Siân a Patron of the new Fair Pay Network, to be launched on Monday. Keep checking from next week for more details on that campaign, and on how to join in.

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