Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa results: Clinton a miserable third

Obvious this is Iowa, not the entire country so the results are skewed, however it's difficult to over estimate how important these results are in determining who the next President of the United States is.

For the Democrats we have;

Obama - 38%
Edwards - 30%
Clinton - 29%
Richardson - 2%
Biden - 1%
And then the loose change

For the Republicans we have;

Huckabee - 34%
Romney - 25%
Thompson - 13%
McCain - 13%
Paul - 10%
Giuliani - 4%
Hunter - 1%

Giuliani and Clinton both have to be kicking themselves over this result although whilst it probably spells the end of the former we certainly wont have seen the last of Clinton just yet.


blackstone said...

This link shows the history of the Iowa caucus and past results. I think its a decent indicator on who will win the parties nomination.

Matt Sellwood said...


There's no way that this result indicates the end of Giuliani, more is the pity. He didn't compete in Iowa at all - no adverts, no visits, nothing. He's concentrating all his effort on Florida etc, and missing out Iowa and New Hampshire completely.


Jim Jay said...

Ladbrokes odds to win Republican candidature

John McCain 2/1
Rudolph Giuliani 9/4
Mike Huckabee 3/1
Mitt Romney 4/1

And just for luck here are the Democrat odds

Hilary Clinton 4/6
Barack Obama 5/4
John Edwards 16/1

voltaires said...

If CLinton loses New Hampshire. she loses the nomination and the Republicans lose the presidency as a consequence. Because she's the only candidate they can beat.