Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Green Bloggers: Five days left

Well there's only five days left in the "Green Bloggers: People Choice Poll" and it looks like we have clear front runners for the top spot.

With more than 200 votes in we have;

You can still change your vote if you want to shift your allegiance to one of the top three blogs and make that critical difference.

Nail biting stuff I'm sure you'll agree, although I've had to cancel the Harrod's Hamper for the winner due to terminal penury. To make up for it I've cobbled together a logo for people to use who achieved the top twenty green blogs this year.

Meanwhile, if you're thinking about Christmas already you might want to read Sian Berry's thoughts.

If you've not noticed that Peter Cranie is blogging, perhaps it's time you did - personally I'd have gone for the title Cranie's Cranium, but perhaps that wasn't the image he was going for.

Lastly, I notice that Liz Davies has an interesting piece on the left in Labour over at the ever excellent UK Watch.


a very public sociologist said...

Does modesty prevent your fine blog from being nominated?

Jim Jay said...

modesty... and quality