Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bits and bobs

The Spanish royals enjoy telling people to shut up. Like these cartoonists who dared to suggest that the Royal family are lazy scroungers. Another blow for democracy your majesty?

In other news I was on the very last Blogger TV and Vox Politics last night. I managed to isolate myself nicely with the respectables by raising Alice in Blogland's excellent post on Remembrance Day, where she doubted the sincerity of war mongers and arms dealers who put on somber expressions one day a year. I also managed to get in trouble for mentioning Labour's Kerron Cross on Jonathan Aitkin, even though he was suppotive of the ex-con's continuing rehabilitation. Lastly I managed to raise eye-brows on my comments about Liberal Conspiracy's post on Iain Blair when I suggested that Blair might not simply have not known what was going on (unforgivable in itself) but that he may have *chosen* not to know.

However, I was much too nice about David Cameron when we discussed his new rape initiative among other things but, even though my cynicism was of the mildest kind possible, I still got some ultra-polite stick for it. You can't win with some people. Very enjoyable none the less.

In other exciting personal news my idiotic decision to take part in National Novel Writing Month sees my as yet untitled effort well off track, with a mere 17,524 words completed when I should be on 21,658 already - 4,134 words behind schedule and we're not even half way. I don't have the time for this!

But I've still time to cath up on the blogs apparently. I enjoyed this piece on union militancy, or lack there-of by Janine, over at Stroppyblog. I thought Michael Meacher's post on Brown's foreign policy speech was just peachy. I also noted with interest that 150,000 Ozzies marched against climate change and there's barely a peep over here about it.

I'd also like to highlight this cat story on the BBC. Because I can.


a very public sociologist said...

Good luck with the novel, Jim. I mean to go in for it every year, but life always gets in the way. If I can't even update a blog regularly, how can I hope to write a book in a month?

Anyway comrade, any chance of a sneaky peak?

stroppybird said...

Whats the novel about?

Oh the cat story seems popular, Hakmao has it. Pretty smart cat really getting a lift sorted like that :-)

Jim Jay said...

Re the cat - what I can't work out is how the woman knew the cat would be there... and then actually went and picked it up!!!! People can be so clever some times, although not as clever as cats.

The novel's contents is a strict secret. I shall simply describe it as a fantasy exploring disability, imperialism and love. Ooo, that makes it sound quite good.

stroppybird said...

Look forward to the book Jim :-)

re the cat. I think its because the cat went missing and someone rang to tell her where it was. And then it kept going back to the same place. Strange story. Did you look at the video clip? Its certainly got the owner well trained.