Sunday, August 19, 2007

Green Party National Executive (GPEx) Elections 2007-8

I had the privilege earlier in the year of becoming the ERO for the Green Party of England and Wales. This means I oversee and run the internal elections for the party. The process of volunteering for the post mainly involves chloroform, a blackjack, a dark alley then a total blank - only to awaken muddle headed and shackled with a certificate signed in your own blood.

So I'm to be ERO for a few more months as I agreed on the condition that I'd do the national elections, the leadership referendum (see yes and no campaigns for details) and that was it. No more.

Wednesday was the close of nominations for GPEx and the full list of candidates is already out in the public domain so I thought I might as well reproduce them here for your perusal. I shalln't be commenting on any specific candidate (obviously) although I'm happy to answer questions of process if you have any.

The following four positions are contested by two or more candidates and will be decided by a ballot of the membership.

Principal speaker, female
- Jenny Jones
- Caroline Lucas

Principal speaker, male
- Ashley Gunstock
- Darren Johnson
- Derek Wall

- Richard Mallender
- Peter Cranie and David Ford (as job share)

Local Party Coordinator
- Chris Haine
- Jon Lucas

The following positions are currently contested by one candidate and will therefore have nominations reopened at the September conference and the elections for these positions will take place there.

International Coordinator
- Volker Heinemann

Publications Coordinator
- Peter Murry

Elections Coordinator
- Sarah Birch

Management Coordinator
- Pete McAskie and Tony Cooper (as job share)

Policy Development
- Brian Heatley

External Communications
- Jim Killock

Campaigns Coordinator
- Jonathan Essex

Finance Coordinator
- Khalid Hussenbux

The position of Internal Communications Coordinator has no valid nominations and therefore will be reopened at the September conference where the election will take place.

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weggis said...

I wish you a high turn-out.