Saturday, July 14, 2007

Green bloggers

As most of you will remember last year was the first ever "best green bloggers" competition (announcement and results list), inspired by both Iain Dale's good work in the field and his remiss attitude towards political blogs outside the three main Parliamentary Parties.

Well, it's that time of year again - only with modifications. The best green bloggers will be a section of Iain's new anthology although compiled by myself, with your assistance (hopefully).

We're going for the top *twenty* green blogs - so I'd like your nominations for the awards. Feel free to nominate blogs that have already been nominated, but, for forms sake, not your own blog please. You're welcome to mention green blogs that you've come across that you like even if you suspect they don't fall into the top twenty category.

I'll also be writing a thousand words on the 'state of green blogging' so comments and contributions on the theme will also be more than welcome. As you know I take 'green' to be a fairly broad category and although I'm a self identifying socialist it doesn't mean that I wont recognise the qualities of any green blog on the right of the political spectrum - probably.

You may like to know that fellow Cambridge blogger Ellee Seymour is writing on the subject of women and blogging - so if you have comments this post is the place to leave them, where the discussion is ticking over nicely.

I'm looking forward to coming across new and interesting blogs I've not seen before and becoming re-acquainted with old favourites too.


weggis said...

My guess is that the usual suspects will turn up. So I am going to nominate this one.

weggis said...

It's a green blog Jim, but not as we know it!

Jim Jay said...

It wasn't the usual suspects last time weggis

JayV said...

Thanks for this post. Always nice to find other Green blogs! I'll link to it on my blog to get the word out!

I nominate:

Green Left Infoasis

Green Commons Blog

Green News and Opinion

weggis said...

"It wasn't the usual suspects last time"

Eek! Don't include me. I don't want anyone challenging my pre-conceptions. :)

Tom said...

I nominate the fantastic Transition Culture by Rob Hopkins:

Paul said...

The Ecologist blog is a new entry on last year. Declaration of interest: I do blog for it, but only as one of many.

Paul said...

I would also vote for Alice in Blogland: