Monday, June 11, 2007

Galloway attacked

George Galloway has been attacked at Glasgow airport. Apparently he was kicked and punched and one of the six attackers declared he had a "religious duty" to knock him down.

When the harassment began the men, who were believed to be returning from an Orange Order Parade in London, hurled insults at the MP, like 'Fenian bastard'. The abuse continued until the group reached the carousel where they assaulted him.

I hope Galloway has a speedy recovery and deplore this kind of right wing thuggery which may be on the wane but has certainly not disappeared. Violence of this kind only closes down genuine political debate and has no place in a democratic society.


Peter said...

I didn't know you and Galloway had so much in common. First the revelation that you both spent Christmas '99 with Tariq Aziz; then the shock that you both enjoy cat impersonations; and now it turns out you were both attacked by the same group of far-right knuckledraggers in the same week.
What are the chances?

Jim Jay said...

Of course! That's who they were... it all fits together

Anonymous said...

Galloway is a Hero to most of the world. Like all real Hero's he is attacked and villified by evil zionist stooges and the "useful idiots" who work for them.

Matt Sellwood said...


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