Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Poll: who's in?

The results of my previous poll are in and it seems my readers are essentially divided on what job our departing PM will be taking on next.

From Tribune CartoonsWe seem to think that he'd either apply for an internship in Tory HQ or would hope to fill the boots of the departing World Bank head honcho, on 26% and 23% respectively. George W. Bush, seeing the results of the blog poll was quick to squash the suggestion, saying it would be "nice" if the job went to "an American"... but we all thought he was!

Whilst one person did think Mr Brown may give Blair the Chancellor role most felt that this was, on balance, unlikely. But it does beg the question who *will* be given the top cabinet jobs once Brown takes up the PM-ship?

I'm taking the top jobs to mean Chancellor, Foreign Secretary, and Home Secretary although I understand we could widen it if we wanted to - and I'm deliberately staying out of the Deputy Leadership for the moment, although I've included all the candidates on the poll. You have as many votes as you like and I've included an "at least one person not on this list" if you think someone else might sneak in (Blunkett anyone?). If you do vote for that I'd be interested in seeing who you think that might be and for what post.

As one of the more important features of the transition from Blair to Brown I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it - but there you go - get voting!


John Angliss said...

I'm going for Balls, Darling and either of the Milibands, I'm not fussy.

alan howe said...

there is a good description of Mr Brown here.

Jim Jay said...

The Milibands! Yikes.

My personal thoughts are

Straw for Home Sec.
Darling for Chancellor and I'm not sure about Foreign Sec. but a good guess seems to be Hain, although it's feasible I suppose that Beckett stays in place (I doubt it though)

Anonymous said...

It's possible Ed Milliband will get a post but maybe not in your top 3.

Ed Balls: Chancellor
Peter Hain: Home Secretary
Jack Straw: Foreign Secretary

Blair did sack Jack after all.

Whatever he does it ain't going to be as dramatic as the new boy across the channel.

Matt @ The Coffee House

Matt Sellwood said...

Darling as a 'safe pair of hands' at the Home Office, Straw at the Treasury, Benn at the Foreign Office because (a) he's done DFID and (b) Brown will want to make a concession to a Blairite to show how consensual and wonderful he is.

Jim Jay said...

You see I think Benn's a bit junior... I suspect this initial cabinet will line up some Brownites for future positions rather than jumping some straight in at the top...

It's right that Sarkozy's selections are a lot more radical - and very interesting, particularly choosing those from the "left" to do jobs specific to where they agree with him - very interesting and potentially problematic for him in the party (in that essentially a lot of top people who were expecting posts are not getting a look in)