Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Greetings

May Day, the internationally recognised celebration of workers struggle and resistance, as always will see a great many awe inspiring protests around the world and a token effort in the UK (although all credit to those who are trying of course).

Image from HungaryIn Cambridge we have a demonstration in solidarity with ARU workers who are facing job cuts, a May Day gig organised by the local trades union council and the anarcho-catering company, formally known as the Cambridge Action Network, have organised a nosh up and an informal style organising coagulation. So we're holding our end up here I guess.

Nationally the Green Party, along with the rest of the left, are backing the PCS strike and there is a listing of what's happening in Europe on May Day at Indymedia (add a report of your event if it's not there). Charlie has posted on the respectable end of the London goings on here.

Demonstrating in IraqWhilst in Venezuela they are nationalising the oil companies to celebrate, and in Nepal May day has just become a public holiday - but it's banned in Burma, the miners are on strike in Peru and teachers in Palestine, Casino workers led a march in Canada, they are demonstrating in Austria, Nigeria, Ghana, South Korea, Egypt, Tokyo, Iraq, Indonesia, Armenia, Greece, Barabados, Pakistan, Gibralta, Israel, Spain, the US, Fiji and Russia, rioting in Berlin, Switzerland and Sweden, and getting repressed in Turkey, Zimbabwe, China, Iran and the Philippines. Sex workers in India and West Bengal are using the day to demand some respect, The spectre of Lenin has his own round up of May Day here and this blogger from Lebanon has a nice roundup of the history of the day and the ever popular ZNet has something worth looking at.

May Day Greetings to you all!
May internationalism and resistance from below flourish.

A couple more posts I've come across since writing that I think worth pointing to. Renegade Eye from the US, Void, and John from London.

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Alex Brown said...

Its time to remember the sacrifices that all workers have been through to make our lives better today.

Thanks for bringing such a nice info to the fore..Links are also very informative.

Happy May Day!!