Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Comment is free market

I don't know what's got into the Guardian "Comment is Free" section over the last couple of days. I mean, it's always had stuff from all "respectable" sides of any political debate but this is getting ridiculous.

Let's start with today's The World Bank really does help the planet's poorest by Michael Carter shall we? Then we could move on to the piece promoting Lula's government as a counter weight to Chavez as well as a rather unsympathetic article on the Brazilian government's excellent decision to flout intellectual property rights concerning AIDS drugs.

Then in Old Radicals we are treated to a spirited defence of Tescos. Tescos. That's T-E-S-C-O-S. After all, if local shops were so great they wouldn't be driven out of business would they? I think we should extend this principles to muggers and have pieces in the papers saying "Hold on, if this old lady was so great how come she got beaten up then? Clearly she was dead wood."

The Guardian goes on to recommend that the French Socialist Party should become more like Sarko (which at least would have the benefit of increasing the vote of the progressive parties) this is something I find particularly insensitive right now when the wounds are still fresh.

I don't expect much from the Guardian, I really don't, but piece after piece of neo-conservative propaganda - they really are going too far. For goodness sake - next Shell will be advertising how environmentally friendly they are... what's that you say... they are? Pull the other one.


verybadmatthew said...

Bad Guardian. Naughty Guarrdian. Publishing things you don't agree with! The shame I say. And under the heading 'Comment is Free'. Tsk!

Jim Jay said...

My point is that the Guardian is going free market in a big way - hence the title "comment is free market" - do you see me denouncing the Times for being right wing? No.