Sunday, April 08, 2007

Preparations for the redesign

The new design for the blog is almost up and running. Don't expect big changes, but it should be slightly more funky, a bit less template-y (if that's a word).

So, in preparation for the big moment I've a couple of favours to ask of you.

Firstly, if I don't currently link to you and you want me to - leave a link in the comments box and I'll *probably* oblige. Likewise if there is a blog you like, that isn't necessarily yours, and you think I should link to it, again feel free to leave the name and link.

Secondly, I've put up a poll on what people want me to post on. I'll probably ignor the results but it may be interesting. There is definately a difference of opinion with some people not reading straight political posts at all and others thinking those are the best ones for example. Now's your chance to get me to post more in the area you like most.

You can tick multiple options although I'm afraid there are no negative options to choose like, your blog is shit. I'm not going around looking for criticism when people are already so free to give it ;-)

You might also like to let me know if you have any requests for the new look. It has actually been a long time coming - not because it's complicated to do a redesign - it's simply that I've been quite busy and my life is a bit disruptified right now so it's taken longer than I thought. Excuses, excuses.

I should remind people, whilst I'm talking blogs, that at some point in the next few months it will be time to do the 2007 best green blogs and we discussed last time doing it as more of a team effort. If you're up for helping with that now's the time to volunteer.

Anyway... get voting!


Noel Lynch said...

Please link to my blog:

Re content on you blog: I like it the way it is - good variety!

alan howe said...

You should write what you think. Not what others think you should write.

studentmedic said...

Of course, you *should* be joining the nice people at Wordpress :p

tim said...

A few useful and/or interesting sites (including mine) for your link column consideration:

Democratic Left Infoasis

Climate and Capitalism

Green Lefts:Left Greens

Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time

Melancholy Revolutionary

You may not agree with all of them (in fact, you won't and neither do I), but they're all good sites.


Leo Vincent said...

Hi there,

Looking forward to your new look blog!!

Thought you might e willing to link mine??



Adrian Windisch said...

Dont change too much, its a good blog. Can you link to me at

John Mullen said...

If you're prepared to link to a blog mostly in French