Sunday, April 22, 2007

A few things I came across this morning

1. The Scottish Socialist Party has their party election broadcast up on the net. You can watch it here.... I've a feeling this might be a bit controversial, not a "personality" in sight - what do you think? In the interests of fairness - here's the Scottish Greens' TV offering. Slick and with kids again, but this time with added actors. It's interesting to see how the same policy on nuclear weapons is presented in a subtly different way.

This picture has no relevance - at allIn the interests of even more fairness I should point out I looked for Solidarity's election broadcast but couldn't find it on their website, I guess they don't have one.

2. I also came across the Defend Council Housing petition on the "fourth option" as an alternative to the privatisation of council housing - direct investment. Despite my scepticism about on-line petitions I signed it because a) it's an official, direct to the government petition that does not have enough signatures and b) it's an important issue that I've spent a good deal of time campaigning on - so it would be churlish not to spend an extra 30 seconds signing up here.

3. In the blogosphere I noticed Louise has posted thoroughly on Community Treatment Orders, the Yorkshire ranter has an interesting take on Operation Ore and Paul thinks about TV's depiction of ethical lifestyles.

4. Left Labour leadership contender and former environment minister Mike Meacher is in The Sunday Telegraph ranting good and hard. He also mentions his chances of getting on the ballot paper (which requires 44 Labour MPs to back you) saying "I have 25, [John] McDonnell has 15 and the overwhelming majority of those will switch to me if John realises that he can't make it and drops out." Which is a slightly different take than his "rival" leftist McDonnell who seems to be indicating that he's in the running and meacher has no chance... only time will reveal the real story I suppose.

While we're on the subject, The Guardian reports that Hilary Benn (who's running for deputy) was rightly heckled by health workers for not being good enough. Nice.

5. Oh, and lastly I suppose I should mention the excellent GM Potatoes demonstration and direct event in Hull I attended yesterday which is reported in Indymedia here, here and here. Resistance is fertile!


Louisefeminista said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the nod. The MH Bill is a bloody appalling piece of draconian legislation....and CTOs will cause so much misery.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

SSP are getting a second broadcast, next week sometime.

Greens get a second broadcats as well.

big parties get 4. And all other parties get 1. Solidarity's was on Friday.

Dave said...

Tommy Sheridan does Jeremy Clarkson!