Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things I'm not blogging about today

1. Junior Doctors and the NHS
2. Phone in polls (Blue Peter in particular)
3. The Eurovision song contest
4. Blair's appearance on comic relief.
5. John McDonnell potentially getting enough nominations to stand for Labour Leader.
6. St Patrick's Day
7. Zimbabwe's approach to democracy
8. Sian Berry as the Green London Mayoral candidate
9. The fact I can't be bothered to do a proper blog entry at the moment.


John Angliss said...

9) is self-referential and doesn't work. Cheers for the link though!

Jim Jay said...

It *does* work as I couldn't think of a proper post to do so did this instead - on things I could have posted on had I the energy... anyway, I've had my Spanish lesson for the day (which was excellent) so that's another thing I could have blogged about, but didn't!

badmat said...

But how's the pneumonia? An anxious naton awaits the news!

Jim Jay said...

tengo pulmonia... as we say in spanish.

It's much better thanks, I'm still wheezing a bit though - not an ideal time to go to chilly wales!

Nevertheless I have started taking my medication - which eventually seemed like the appropriate thing to do.