Thursday, March 08, 2007

House of Lords victory

The House of Commons has chosen not to go for a compromise deal and vote for a 100% elected House of Lords. Much to my surprise and pleasure.

Unlock democracy have this to say; "In case you did not hear, TWO options passed. The option for an 80% elected / 20% appointed second chamber passed by a simple majority (ayes: 305; nos: 267). The option for a fully elected second chamber passed by an absolute majority (ayes: 337; nos: 224). Given a straight choice between a hybrid house and a fully elected one, MPs backed the latter...

"Be warned though, it isn't over yet. The House of Lords will be debating its own future next week [Tuesday], and there the reform is likely to meet stiff resistance. The crucial matter of what electoral system to use remains unresolved. Will the Government hold firm in pushing through reform and, if necessary, use the Parliament Act to stop the House of Lords from blocking it? Unless we keep up the pressure over the next few crucial months, the promise of tonight's vote could remain unfulfilled for years, even decades."

It worth looking to Natalie who has blogged on the subject, and has some interesting links - including one that muses this may mean the Queen is next... oh, don't tease me so.

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