Sunday, March 04, 2007

Free hugs

Of course yesterday was not all demonstrations, there was more fun to be had. Not only did I have a very pleasant meet up with fellow bloggers Mich and John but I also had one of the most beautiful experiences I've had this year (not the lunar eclipse).

Polish free huggerAs the demo was dispersing I saw one of my next door neighbours holding up a home made sign simply saying "Free Hugs". As he saw me he made a little flick of the head (come hither) with a lovely shy smile.

I will say now, with no hesitation, that this was the best hug I had ever had in my entire life. Absolutely perfect pre-hug, during and post-hug technique.

It turns out he is part of an international movement dedicated to making the world just that little bit less unhugged.


badmat said...

No, it was so good because Jim is so huggable himself. And if he picks up tips on hugging other people he'll be unstoppable

Jim Jay said...

It's infectious - I've probably had more hugs in the last week than in the rest of my life put together - literally!

My hugs grow more expert every day - I've even been reading up on them!

Jim Jay said...

And here's the man himself