Thursday, March 29, 2007

Five spots from the blogosphere

Five things I spotted from the blogosphere.

First, we have the bizarre coincidence of the Miss Bolivia winners 1993 and 1988 getting in trouble with the law at the same time. 1988 was deported from the US and 1993 has been seized smuggling cocaine. Ah, where did it all go wrong? Jim Shultz carries the full story here.

Incidentally, looking at the website there seems a striking similarity between all the Miss Bolivia contestants... and it isn't a resemblance to anyone related to Evo Morales.

Then we have the problem of whether the man who brought you the wonderful Dilbert cartoons is necessarily the guy you'd trust to give good advice on improving your sex life. It just seems there might be others better suited to the task, that's all I'm saying.

Daniel's been musing about drugs, and the society in which we take them. Well, not me obviously.

Juan Cole, as ever, is excellent on what's happening - right now - in Iraq.

Finally, sick of being ribbed about your bag not being *manly* enough? Well, at last the web has provided the answer! Courtesy of inventorspot. Of course I'm not sure all of them might do the trick - but I've pictured the one that shows you're into sports. How manly is that?

Okay, that's enough of that.

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