Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bolivia polls

Jim Shultz points to new polls out in Bolivia showing Morales has achieved a significant level of support.

Despite everything the backing for Morales stands at 64% (compared to 29% for Bush by US citizens) and this approval rating reaches as high as 91% in areas like El Alto. Just 32% disapprove of Morales.

More importantly, to my mind, is that 70% of Bolivians believe that the country is now less corrupt than it was a year ago, one of the key areas that the Morales government has been very keen to counter.

It's interesting to speculate what these figures might actually mean on the ground but it's pretty clear the right have not been making any headway with their ultra-militant behaviour of late.


Renegade Eye said...

Interesting post.

Atleast Morales allows a climate where reforms can be discussed,

Jim Jay said...

Well, and to be honest reforms are carried out...