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Two interesting views on Bird Flu

Reader and artist Rupert Mallin writes with this on the bird flu out break in his home town.

Rupert MallinAround about now over 150,000 turkeys will have been culled twelve miles from here. Avian Flu has arrived in Suffolk, not on the wing of a sick migrant swan but in the hell-hole of Bernard Matthews' Halesworth Farm - a hot battery hole for the turkeys (butchered for our plates after 21 weeks of life) and hell for the increasing number of migrant Portuguese workers there, who both suffer Bernie's farms and farm-factories.

BSE, Foot and Mouth, Avian Flu: Britain is the incubator of morphing diseases via food. There is a ridiculous notion among the ridiculous that Britain is all Service and IT industries. Truth is, there's a huge growth in agricultural workers in East Anglia - from Bernie's production of four million turkeys and chickens per annum to the fields of Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk 'harvested' by migrant workers - exploited in the process. The fat strawberries we eat in Lowestoft, London and Liverpool are picked by exploited migrant workers living in caravans (Nineteenth Century conditions).

The complacency of our government is pure Kafka. Bernard Matthews, more wealthy than The Queen, also owns poultry battery plants in Hungary. Oh yes, where the last big outbreak of Avian flu occurred. Government's Ken Bradshaw today assured the public the 'transmitter' may well have been a migrant wild bird (swan, goose, duck) and nothing to do with Bernie's Hungarian operations.This wild bird infection is a near impossible route of infection, according to ornithologists. More likely is that Bernie, the fat profit maker, has imported birds from Hungary or feed from Hungary. Bradshaw, the regional Chamber of Commerce and the National Union of Farmers do not want this avenue discussed!

Every poet/artist should work in or visit such hell-holes. Instead of coal in the lungs, it is the rancid smell and heat of flesh prepared for our plates - to poison us (in the air of it or in the tasting).

GREEN Party MEP Caroline Lucas has attacked DEFRA minister Ben Bradshaw’s ‘incredible ignorance’ over the causes of bird ‘flu after it emerged he ignored calls to study the link between the virus and factory farming in a report she sent to his office last July.

Caroline LucasDr Lucas said “Last year I co-authored a report examining the clear links between intensive poultry farming methods and bird ‘flu, calling on the Government to investigate urgently these links and the possibility of halting factory farming to prevent the spread of the virus. It is clear that this warning was ignored: Ben Bradshaw today insisted there was no evidence for such a link, revealing an incredible level of ignorance.

"This must be remedied immediately: the government must urgently set up an inquiry into the links between unsustainable factory farming and the deadly virus based on a wealth of evidence from earlier outbreaks around the world.”

Last year Dr Lucas published Avian ‘Flu – Time to Shut the ‘flu factories? - a report examining the link between factory farming, international trade and the spread of the disease.

It concluded that the Government must consider ending those factory farming methods likely to hasten the development and spread of bird ‘flu, such as keeping thousands of birds in cramped warm conditions perfect for virus mutation and infection. As a precautionary measure the EU should immediately halt all imports and exports of live poultry and hatching eggs.

And though Dr Lucas sent her report direct to DEFRA ministers, today junior agriculture minister Ben Bradshaw denied any possible link between the disease and factory farming.

Dr Lucas, who was Vice-President of the EU’s Committee of Inquiry into the UK’s 2001 outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease, said the Government has been thrown into a panic over the outbreak – and should do its homework and examine the link between factory farming and the virus before it strikes again.

“Junior DEFRA minister Ben Bradshaw today claimed ‘It’s not true to suggest that the disease is more likely to happen in intensive rearing’ – this reveals the ignorance at the heart of a panicked Government that just doesn’t know what to do next,” she said.

“Mr Bradshaw really must do his homework and make sure he fully understands the likely causes of the outbreak before repeating the terrible mishandling of foot and mouth by slaughtering millions of healthy animals and endangering the livelihoods of poultry farmers up and down the country.”

“We have long known that factory farming and live animal imports and exports are deeply cruel practices resulting in million of birds becoming sick or dying prematurely: now it seems that they could have caused the first mass outbreak of bird ‘flu on British soil.”


The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs-Team said...

Rupert, that is a great article on the current problems with the poultry industry in the UK.

Thank you also for the comments made by Dr Lucas regarding the same.

We have today added the "Two interesting views on Bird Flu" entry of your blog, to The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs section of our site.




The Sentinel said...

Another interesting view is the way these types of scares surface around every 10 to 15 years, with apocalyptic projections and miraculous antidotes ready to hand; they just need to purchased in bulk: One for every man, woman and child,

And then after a bit of breaking and submerging through the (inter)national consciousness, and after an inordinate amount of cash is spent on the remedies, the apocalyptic vision dissipates almost as suddenly as it began.

Until round 10 to 15 years later, when an awful but vague reminder of the last scare emerges. But no need to worry, the antidotes to hand...

Anonymous said...

Sentinal: I would be a lot more comforted about avian influenza if there were such an antidote to hand.

But some H5N1 samples already show signs of Tamiflu resistance, and people taking Tamiflu die anyway. A vaccine? Not for most people, and not within six months after the start of a human pandemic, if at all.

The Sentinel said...

I am afraid you are wrong anonymous.

There has been a 'vaccine' around for this for quite some time. In February 2005 the World Health Organisation began lobbying governments to stockpile this vaccine, with the US alone placing an immediate order for four million doses; they have since increased this order dramatically

Then, surprise surprise, they discovered most people need two shots of this vaccine, double money.


In July 2005 the UK government announced it was to purchase two million doses of bird flu 'vaccine' after being told by the WHO that at least 50,000 deaths could be expected soon. The bird flu vaccine was purchased in conjunction with 14.6 million doses of other anti-virals; a huge pay day for the pharmaceuticals at just that level, but now the WHO is raising up the fear level a few notches the doses bought will raise up with it.


This is more useless crap, palmed of as medicine that will never end up being used but will rake in billions. We have seen it all before.

It makes you wonder just who finances WHO, and its executive officers lifestyles.