Friday, February 09, 2007

Snow trouble

What is it with this country and snow? A little touch of the white stuff and the whole country falls apart - thank god they don't get so easily disrupted in Canada or Sweden.

I wrote this piece in Jan 2003 for Colchester Socialist Alliance about the chaos caused after two inches of snow. I was tempted to reprint it here and tidy it up a bit but then decided to bite the bullet and just link to it as is. It's still relevant, I think, in the light of current circumstances and it makes me feel nostalgic for my old SA branch RIP.

More a case of our lack of social infrastructure than climate chaos for a change.

Incidentally I notice that a young feller has been fined £80 for making a giant snow phallus on Parker's Piece. The Evening News says "crowds gathered to admire his handiwork and passing motorists beeped their horns in appreciation" but the police gave him an on the spot fine. Tsk.

You can vote in a poll on the phallus here (today only).

1 comment:

weggis said...

Did our student friend have snow Balls? And since the offending phallus was presumably white, was it not “racist”? Perhaps had it been wearing protection in the form of a plastic Tesco bag it may have passed the Plods PC test.