Monday, February 05, 2007

Casting my eye around

...I see words and pictures...

FlotsamHilary Wainwright has an interesting piece on Comment is Free on the two world forums that have just taken place. One at Davos and the other in Kenya. In What I found at the forum.

The Onion announces that Fidel Castro has begun his last 750,000 words.

Jo O'Meara is calling for Big Brother to be banned because it aired her racist diatribes. However, she knows it's a bad thing to be a racist so she continues to deny it and says of Shilpa "She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and she’s graceful and a true lady"... funny, she was calling her a "dog" the other day, she's not just saying this because she's realised she's destroyed her own career is she?

Meanwhile Channel Four is refusing to hand over evidence to the police in their investigation over the race row. The same article reveals that Jade Goody has been thrown out of her anger management classes, for being too angry.

I also note that International Rooksbyism has not been updated for a few weeks. This annoys me, but I must learn to be patient.

The creator of the wonderful Dilbert cartoon strip, Scott Adams, muses on Illegal Immigration in his own inimitable fashion. On which subject, the front page of the Independent is really excellent, highlighting another tragic victim of our racist asylum system.

JetsamThere is some discussion about a left portal project trying to bring some semblance of order and unity to the left at SouthpawPunch. Which I find interesting, if perhaps a little over ambitious and in need of a tighter focus.

The US left newspaper Socialist Worker has an excellent piece on Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

Louise has posted on a Jews Against Zionism meeting, which I think is well worth reading.

Narconews has an interesting article on the US subsidies to a Colombian oil company to guarantee "Pipeline security" which is worth taking in, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

I also note with interest there is a site dedicated to balancing rocks on top of one another... nice.


Louisefeminista said...

Hey Jim,

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Jim Jay said...

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