Thursday, February 22, 2007

Allotment alert!

Have you ever fancied having an allotment? I know I haven't - but others have I suspect. They're probably attracted by the very things that repel me about the whole thing - the exercise, the muck, eating healthy food... the thought of it.

However, I don't oppose allotments on principle and it has come to my attention that there are a number of free spaces on the allotments up near Coldham's Lane, Stourbridge Grove Allotments to be exact.

They are overgrown and therefore free of charge to anyone who is willing to clear them. Phone Cambridge 240022 for more details on how to get your allotment. You could always share a plot with a friend.

The rumour is that the council is eyeing the land and saying "those allotments are not being used... perhaps we'll sell it off". Let's prevent public land being sold into private hands and the solution is obvious. We don't need to demonstrate, write letters to our MPs or anything like that, we just need to take them up on their generous offer and get digging.

While I'm at this advertising lark some readers in the Cambridge area might also like to know there are spaces coming up in the housing co-op. If you fancy living in a landlord free zone where people make decisions collectively why not apply to get on to the housing list. Phone Cambridge 411615 for your form, or more info.


Peter said...

Allotments don't have to be about exercise, muck and healthy food. I used to run mine in sterile clothing, using machines to dig with, and I only grew pork pies and doritos.

I also managed to cut out the malignant effects of sunshine and socialising with other allotmenteers by only going at night.

AN said...

I have an allotment, and I love it - there is an added benefit of being completely pesticide free as you build up a lot of wildlife,
I often find Slow worms (which my six year old informs me is a legless lizard not a true snake), frogs, toads, newts. etc.

Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

Go on take one of the plots on yourself you may find you like it !!!