Thursday, January 18, 2007

End of an era

I've just posted up the The prestigious Socialist Unity Awards; The best and worst of 2006. I say just posted rather than just finished them as I actually completed them New Year's Eve but computers being the cheeky little scamps they are.... grrrrr...

One of the TV highlights last year absolutely definitely was Celebrity Big Brother. I don't mean that "ironically". I don't mean it as a dig at Galloway - it was just fantastic and made me so so happy for the whole of January. So many highlights they are impossible to count. I was hoping that Sheriden would go in this year, but he's a scaredy cat and missed the opportunity to show how socialists are the best anti-racists... tut

Something we should have done in Series oneUnfortunately this year's is notable for a quite different reason. Whilst Channel Four are still pretending there's no racism even when one thick housemate said of Shilpa "She should f*** off home. She can't even speak English", Carphone Warehouse on the other hand have pulled right out. That's three million zingers down the swanny. Could this be the end of the show? Woop!

Newsnight last night was a joy to watch as a whole chunk of the programme was devoted to Big Brother with Paxman rolling his eyes and grimacing like some fantastic pantomime dame through out the whole thing. I don't think I could have been the only one to catch the twinkle in the eye and barely suppressed smirk, particularly when one studio guest declared "Bullying? Of course there's bullying it's Big Brother - a blood sport!" I wonder if he's ever taken up gurning?

Oh well, it's been an opportunity for the British public to show how little tolerance they have for intolerance these days and we may lose the best worst TV show into the bargain. Every cloud.

More news: The contracts are falling away (but will they be back ala Kate Moss) Jade ("Oi, Poppadum!") Goody has lost her perfume, the other one lost her £100,000 modelling contract - the other two of the KKK clique don't have contracts to lose, but it seems unlikely they will be picking up any new ones. Eviction night tonight- Jade vs Shilpa - if Jade isn't evicted there will be riots!

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