Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A few blogs that have crossed my path over the last week.

Firstly I've just discovered Colin Fox the SSP Scottish Parliament convener has got an interesting blog, which is well worth checking out.

Also there are two new bloggers launched too late to get into the 100 Top Green Blogs. Gaian Economics a blog from Molly Scott Cato, the economics speaker for the Green Party which, perhaps, will do something to address my woefully ignorance on economics. And Thinking Mountain which did exist when I was putting it all together but appeared dead - so I'm pleased to report this interesting red-green blog has now revived.

Speaking of which, the poll for the people's choice award will be closing soon - the race for second place is too tight to call right now (although it may not be too early to congratulate Paul Kingsnorth... but let's not count those chickens just yet). Now is the time to visit the top ten blogs and make a decision on who you think should have come top - then cast your vote.

I'm also now unavoidably aware it is "Christmas time" as the street is full of houses in a frantic competition to see how much electricity they can pointlessly waste in the most garish lights display possible. I estimate a whooping one in three houses in Howard Road have been plunged into this bizarre ritual.

Stange time of year to have coup - but you can't tell Fiji anything.

Oh yeah, most exciting news of the day I got my first ever £50 cheque from YouGov for taking part in their surveys. You too can be like me by signing up. I'm living proof that they do actually pay you. I was so thrilled when the post came - yeah!

Come across something weird and wonderful - or just written a post that *must* be read by all? Now's the time to gimme your miscellany. Shoot.

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