Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who's the greatest?

Not long now and the 100 best green bloggers of the millennium will be hitting the net to determine in a highly scientific and indisputable way who the King or Queen of the green blogosphere will be.

There I am at my computer, looking at lots of lovely blogs and thatActually, if I'm going to say millennium I might as well say ever as there weren't many blogs in the bronze age - and those there were were all "Oh, Achilles thinks he's so tough..." and "Moses ate all the Manna at breakfast *again*." No competition at all.

Despite heavy hinting on my part I was unable to solicit any bribes or inducements so this is, unfortunately, a clean election. If any of you feel nervous just think how I feel - I've just invented a new way of disappointing 99 bloggers all in one post - gulp! I can assure you that the top places are all filled with top notch blogs, but other than that the list is not necessarily an indication of my personal preference (otherwise the Tory would have been purged!)

Because I'm an egalitarian sort of chap I'll be running a poll of the top ten to see who the "people's choice" will be - of course, that's as soon as I can work out how to get that up and running.


Riversider said...

Can I nominate The Save The Ribble Blog for this great honour?

Reasons for nomination are

*that it is fighting a genuine threat to the ecology of a crucial part of the North West of England - a barrage that would adversely affect one of the most important river estuaries for birdlife in Europe.

* That it is successfully representing the voices of diverse groups of local people who love the River Ribble - including birders, anglers, dog walkers, footballers, walkers, allotment keepers and people who do not wish to see their houses at greater risk of flooding.

*Because when the three main parties all sing the same tune, it is becoming the real voice of opposition to the council and their wealthy developer friends

*Because I contribute to it too!

Renegade Eye said...

My blog is red.

LeftyHenry said...

Same here ^ well, at least politically. physically its blue and white.