Sunday, November 05, 2006



Death sentence for Saddam on Saturday
US Midterm elections on Tuesday

God bless America


Renegade Eye said...

I'm worried about the after affects of the execution of Saddam. The trial was a travesty.

I'm 100% against capital punishment. That is the easy way out for Saddam.

Jim Jay said...

C5 news bulletin runs like this

"Saddam sentenced to death by hanging

"Well I suppose the conviction of Saddam Hussein is one key outcome for the Bush administration, one glimmer of good news in a smog of disorder surrounding the Iraq adventure.

"Amnesty International's criticism of the conduct of the trial - the interference with the judiciary and, of course, the murder of three of Saddam's lawyers - are
being put to one side here. But no one thinks that a sentence of death on Saddam will do much to affect either the dynamic of the war or the judgement of the
American electorate on it this Tuesday.

"I must admit, watching the moment of his conviction on television, I did find myself thinking back to how it was for those of us who were in Iraq in Saddam's heyday. A dark time, a time of fear, a time when you never quite knew who was
watching you, who was saying what about you to whom. Who can forget his Western-supported war on Iran, and the million who died in it?

"Who can forget the thousands of Shias massacred by him after America failed to come to their
assistance at the end of the Gulf War?

"Tonight, the end of Saddam, but not the end of Iraq's pain, and Iraq at the epicentre of US politics.

"I'll be anchoring tonight's programme from Capitol Hill, whose future political tenants will in part be decided by how America feels about the war.

"We have a remarkable team of Iraqis all over Iraq tonight sending us pictures of jubilation in Shia areas, and locked down in the Sunni triangle and Baghdad
itself. We hope to have the most comprehensive account. We'll also be talking live with Iraq's foreign minister and hearing too what George Bush has to say."

Thought it was worth quoting the whole thing