Sunday, November 19, 2006


Attended the Bolivia Solidarity meeting yesterday, although I was too hung over to get to the first bit of the IOF conference - which is a shame - but you can read what Stroppyblog has to say about it here.

Bolivian flagI wont go into too much detail as clearly minor disagreements about the size of the steering committee are not as fascinating as they might be - although I will say my resistance to being elected onto said body was ultimately futile.

At one point I even banged the table and said, rather loudly, "let - me - off" but to no avail. People just laughed, the bastards. Mind you, whilst I was fighting to get off others were nominating themselves to get on - madness! You don't get a special hat, or a back stage pass at a Metalica gig as reward you know - just more bloody meetings.

For your delectation "Ode to a committee"

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