Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who said office workers weren't alienated?

Insurance assessor Colin Douglas has found a way to make him stand out from all the other suited office workers at his busy workplace. Colin has taken to wearing novelty cuff-links.

‘Okay, sure, I wear a suit like everyone else, but that doesn’t make me another office clone,’ said Colin, 29. ‘If you look hard you’ll see that I’m a little bit different, a little bit off the mainstream.’

...Despite his apparently mundane job, Colin had always known that he was something of a character and had previously experimented with bow ties and then conventional ties featuring cartoon characters such as Top Cat or The Flintstones.

‘The zany ties worked for a while,’ said Colin, ‘but sometimes in this job you are dealing with families whose home has burnt down, or someone whose husband has had died of a heart attack. And it didn’t seem right to tell her that her late husband had failed to keep up his life insurance payments, wearing a tie that featured Bart Simpson saying Kiss My Butt!’

From News Biscuit


Renegade Eye said...

A red clown nose, might work.

stroppybird said...


I hate novelty ties, socks , cuff links .....

Ed said...

I hate all ties, socks and cuff links.

Actually I don't hate socks. I'm indifferent about socks really.