Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Three things that are making me very, very angry

You know me. Not a bad bone in my body. That joke about hanging Richard Branson - come on - it was just a joke. I'm sweetness and light as you well know. But these three things are making me really, really angry.

1. Cambridge Evening News

An artist's impression of me 're-educating' the editor of the CENThey are attacking Addenbrookes hospital staff, again. Over abortion, again. Woman angry about lack of hospital help

A woman who had an abortion wanted to visit the hospital as some sort of shrine or something. When she enquired where to go they couldn't help her as they are a hospital not a church. "I just felt they had just chucked away the remains... it was bad enough I did what I did but I needed to know what they did with the remains."

Why is the News exploiting this woman's grief?

Positive action: Write to them at letters@cambridge-news.co.uk

2. They want to make flag burning a crime

wtf? This government is obsessed with creating laws, even when there's already legislation there to deal with offenses. Incitement to riot and racial hatred are both crimes - what does banning flag burning do to make the world a better place? Nothing.

Positive action: Support the call for national flag burning day - let's do it!

3. The Daily Mail

You hate the NHS, the tube and speed cameras. Oh yeah, and you make things up. Grrrrr....

Positive action: I haven't clue... any suggestions?


Sean said...

Jim, I'm reminded of a verse from a Leon Rosselson song:

Whoever invented the Daily Mail
Ought to be cut down to size
Pulped and reduced to a nauseous juice,
Rolled out and flattened till ready for use
Then covered in newsprint - and lies

jams o donnell said...

What can you say?

i) the Cambridge Evening News is exploiting the woman shamelessly - Pretty cynical stuff

2) The idea that flag burning should be outlawed is ridiculous, shakes his head at that one

3) The Daily Mail? Let's have Daily Mail burning events.. Hold on I'll have to buy a copy.. damn.

Great blog, Jim jay. I have taken the liberty of linking.

Jim Jay said...

Leon Rosselson - fantastic!

I seem to remember there's a verse in the same song "who invented the policeman? Who'd do that to a child?" but can't remember the rest - damn it - he's so good

Renegade Eye said...

It used to be against the law in Minneapolis, to have a demo without an American flag there. Some were arrested, but the law changed.

Nobody really wants flagburning illegal. It is something to use by reactionaries, every election cycle.

Jim Jay said...

Sean has supplied me with the lyrics - and I reproduce them here for us all to enjoy!

(Leon Rosselson)

Whoever invented the fishfinger,
ought to be transmogrified.
Skinned mashed and boxed, into uniform blocks,
then covered all over, from collar to socks,
and frozen and finally fried.

Because who'd do that to a fish,
finning its way through the seas,
Colours in harmony, perfectly poised,
riding its flying trapeze.

And progress, is all very well,
but not when it chops up our dreams.
And it's hard to feel, at ease in the world,
when nothing is what it seems.

Whoever invented the Daily Mail,
ought to be cut down to size.
Pulped and reduced to a nauseous juice,
and dried out at flattened 'till ready for use,
Then covered in newsprint and lies.

Because who'd do that to a tree
raising its head to the sky
Rooted in centuries, telling tall tales,
breathing a green lullaby.

And progress, is all very well,
but not when it chops down our dreams.
And it's hard to feel, at ease in the world,
when nothing is what it seems.

Whoever invented the Policeman,
ought to be licked into shape.
Toughened and trained, 'til the body's a cane
'til the arms are a chain, 'til the nerves feel no pain,
'til obedience rules and encircles the brain,
With walls so he'll never escape.

Because who'd do that to a child,
jumping with joy and desire.
Floating in fantasies, drowning in dreams,
Brimming with feelings of fire.

And progress, is all very well,
but not when it locks up our dreams.
And it's hard to feel, at ease in the world,
when nothing is what it seems.

LeftyHenry said...

The worst thing about flag burning, (here in America) Illegal Immigration, and gay marriage is they are hot button non-issues set forward to get the corporate media all excited and make us ignore the real issues like poverty, war, and things like that which actually matter and aren't bullshit excuses used to win votes for the Republicans and conservatives.

Louisefeminista said...

I think we should should have had a spot of flag burning outside Parliament last night while protesting against war in Iraq before it becomes a specific criminal offence.

Oh and what can you say about the Daily Hate other than it is full of reactionary bilge....

Anonymous said...

Jim - what is wrong with the Cambridge news report? It is factual, the mother was upset. They should not be burning foetuses in the general incinerator.

If you think it is a non story - the editor disagrees. You don't understand much about journalism. If there is a story, however small, the press will be there. Perhaps now this is in the open the hospital staff will be more sensitive.