Saturday, October 21, 2006

Five things people are talking about

What are we all talking about this week?

I don't visit Shiraz Sociaist very often, so it's a pleasure that when I do so there is a jazzy post on Larkin. What's not to like?

We're all talking about Clare Short of course. Michael White is sympathetic, as is Tygerland, Kel and Obsolete. Those more critical include Disillusioned and bored, Jon Rogers, Union futures and Luke Akehurst. Whilst somewhere in between lies Elephunt, Kitnotes (beware of the flourescent green text), and Wisse words. Special mention must go to this blogger for managing to crowbar Nietzsche into the post.

The rather excitable Bolivia rising has laid off talking about imminent invasion and coup plots for a moment to give expression to the genuine voice of the Bolivian working class like this;

"What I perceive is that in whatever scope you look at there is an obstruction of autonomy and a general dispersion of the social movements. The state is not taking the social movements as interlocutors, but is rather subordinating them. And those it does not subordinate, it isolates, or they remain circumscribed in the “projectitis” scope, which is consumed in squabbles for money and installs distrust between people. Those are two problems that appear, beginning with the occupation of the state by the Movement Towards Socialism, and the way in which the capillary vessels of the state network act."

The voice of the people speaks.

The poor mouth has an interesting post on the Hungarian uprising, and so, whilst I'm on the subject, can I recommend Tibor Fischer's "Under the frog" a very funny and well written fictional account of the years that led up to the people rising up against a "Workers' government".

One minor irritation is that my first "Be nice about someone day" post has decided to appear some posts down (because I started drafting it early) even though I posted it up today. To circumvent my inability to bump it up the list I'll just link to it from here In praise of Charles Clarke.

No one else seems to be talking about him anymore, tut.


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Wot no 'Son of Moto'?! Aargh! :(

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