Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Post number one hundred

Do I get a telegram from the Queen or anything? I really think I should, one hundred blog posts is a landmark moment for any blog I'm sure you'll agree.

Blog News: Blogger seems to be playing up with the photos which is why there have been less of them recently (hopefully the difficulties are only temporary as it does let me add pics some of the time, see right).

I've started work on the "100 top Green blogs" and if there are any volunteers to help it would be very much appreciated - partly because it's a mammoth task, partly because it helps ensure I don't miss out any deserving bloggers and lastly because it means I can palm off the 'marking' of the blogs run by people I know, avoiding any embarrassing situations should they land in 97th place. Email me if you're keen to lend a helping hand, however modest.

I particularly need more blogs for the list, Greenpeace activists? People and Planet-ers? Scottish and Welsh blogs? Anarcho-greens? Friends of the Earth and others - where are you? They just need to be (i) blogs, (ii) based in the UK, (iii) not hopelessly out of date, (iv) be written by green (in the broad sense) activists / writers - but they do not need to deal exclusively with green politics.

In fact, if you have suggestions in general about the blog please feel free to send in your suggestions, (friendly) criticisms, links, best wishes or whatever.


Joe Otten said...

Jim, my blog deals with green issues quite often, but I don't suppose it would qualify. ;)

stroppybird said...

"Do I get a telegram from the Queen or anything? I really think I should, one hundred blog posts is a landmark moment for any blog I'm sure you'll agree."

I am quite good at being a drama queen . So will a congrats from a stroppyblogger do :-)

Jim Jay said...

Joe: I'm terribly sorry, I liked your blog but the system 'we're' using (which I think is fair) is that if the blog more easily fits into one of the other categories (Labour, Lib Dem, Tory) then it can't fall within the Green Bloggers as well.

I have to say that your "Joe's Extra Bold Political Blog" does indeed have a high proportion of posts about the environment and its a tricky area - but I think if we were choosing one place for it to go we'd probably both agree it would go in the Lib-Dem hall of fame.

Feel free to appeal the decision!

If it makes you feel any better I'll give you the utterly meaningless and superficial, but sincerely meant, "JimJay certificate for well written blogs"

Stroppy: I think a drama queen would be entirely more appropriate than the monarch, considering the political leanings of this blog - much appreciated!

Renegade Eye said...

I like thinking of my blog, as red and black.

Liz said...

Not sure what category mine would go in, Jim. I've had a few problems with pictures lately as well, thought it was just me!

Elizabeth II D G REG F D said...

Well done Jim.

HRH Elizabeth II said...


my title doesn't look right when reduced to lower case.

It should read

HRH Elizabeth II, Dei Gratia Regina, Fidei Defensor.

HRH Elizabeth II said...

I don't spend much time blogging normally, what with having to exercise the corgies and what have you, but am pleased to be asked.

Nowadays young people seem to think they can get along without us ... sigh !

Jim Jay said...

Ma'am I'm honoured - glad to see you've been modernised and are upto date with the modern world, although I fear this may mean your post may be up for tender any time soon!

Not sure which union I could recommend AMICUS perhaps - the Amalgamated Monarchs, Inbreds, Cads, Usurers and Sycophants.