Monday, September 18, 2006

CEN watch: terrorism boardgame branded "sick"

I'm very impressed, the Cambridge Evening News has devoted it's front page, plus the centre page spread plus the comment column to a boardgame. Slow news day?

You may need this card'Terrorism boardgame branded "sick"' screams the front page. Inside we have 'Victim's anger over terror boardgame' 'Just a game or dicing with death?' and the rather confusing 'Terror is not just a game to play at' - what? We can't just treat it as a hobby but a way of life?

I particularly enjoyed Tory MP Jim Paice's reaction where he says "I don't like the sound of it" Don't you Jim? Dear me, rum do.

One of the things I like about the game is that it isn't just a propaganda point saying "war on terror, what a farce" which would hold the attention for several seconds, and no more, but makes serious points whilst be a jolly good game.

Yes, it's in your empire's short term interests to fund terrorism, but what happens in the long term? Those terrorists that suited your purpose so well yesterday are now a major problem. Who could they be thinking of? I also like the fact they play with the terms like evil and liberation - because how else are we ever going to start thinking about what these terms really mean?

There's also a neat trick I've never come across before where if your empire begin to crumble and you think you may lose you can "turn terrorist" redefining what's happening in the game and possibly pointing out that the fall of the Eastern Bloc was not the end of history - but the beginning of a new and more unstable phase in the game.

The game reflects the global chaos that is - the war on terrorAs the blurb says "Designed as a serious challenge to the counter-productive pursuit of the so-called 'War on Terror', but also as a fun, family game to be played with Granny on Boxing Day. When a boardgame includes Suicide Bomber cards, Dirty Bombs, Nuclear Weapons and a balaclava with the word "Evil" stitched across the forehead, you know you’re in for a quality evening's entertainment."

The CEN are running an on-line poll right now with the question "Do you think War on Terror: The Boardgame is offensive?" I voted no, what will you vote here? (Current stats say 61% disagree with the CEN and DO NOT think it's offensive)

Link: War on terror: the boardgame (read the blog for current adventures)
CEN: Just a game or dicing with death? (the best bit of coverage now available)
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Holy Shit: It's in the Sun, and The International Herald Tribune, and The Evening Standard (great pic!)
Double Holy Shit: Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Mail (with reference to the Pope!) oh and you can comment online

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