Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Three grumbles

Moan, moan, moan - apologies. I'm going to get three grumbles off my chest.

1. I've let some of the local activities I'm involved with slip in the last few weeks and I have loads of catching up to do. I'm now in that position where I've started to paralyse in panic as I realise events I haven't built properly are coming up! Eeek!

2. Clowns is shut for refurbishment. Bastards. It meant I had to wait in the rain last night as we were meeting up there to organise anarcho-green type things. Hrmpf.

3. The bloody Stop the War Coalition booked an anti-war public meeting for next week clashing with the CamPeace meeting that I kindly said I'd help organise. They bloody knew when it was going to be and to book John Rees to speak *in the same building at the same time* is ... grrrrrr!!! ooooooooooooo!!!!! Why I ought to....

Shows over, there's nothing more to see.


Jim Jay said...

Extra grumble - which was almost another post but then i decided better of it.

Why oh why do i believe national rail enquiries when i ring them up. last week they said it would be £19.50 single to glasgow if i bought it in advance - went into the station today - that'll be over seventy nicker - fuck off!

Liars! Grumble.

I'm now going by coach - please think of me at 2.30 in the morning shivering for an hour and a half on a layby in milton keynes - with my back!

stroppybird said...


There is a fine line that you are getting close to crossing, once over it you become the leftie version of Victor Meldrew :-)

badmatthew said...

Jim, what happened to the philosophy of the sbuffare and the promise it offered of triumphing over all adversity?

And surely when they say 'advance' they mean at least a week in advance, not the day before. Oh the naivety, the naivety. Shrug shoulders and sigh.

Jim Jay said...

No it's 24 hours in advance but theyt didn't tell me it was limitted availability.

But yeah i was stupid to take their word for it. in fact almost all my moans are about my failings - must be more poisitive - don't know if scotland will cheer me up though!

moll said...

Look on the bright side - Glasgow is a great city! And you were saved from having to sit in Clowns surrounded by all the freaky children's pictures on the walls while drinking their revolting coffee.

Jim Jay said...

Yeah that true! Why is their coffee so horrible?

Although some of the clowns in question are actually pictures of berlusconi made to look like a clown so I always thought they might be a bit progressive... even if the owner insists on whistling!