Thursday, August 17, 2006

More private revelations

Bad Matthew was very concerned that I was revealing too much about myself on the blog. Oh you haven't seen anything yet - I've been watching Big Brother!!!

It finishes tomorrow which is a hellish thought. Anyway, for those of you who have not been keeping up here is my precis of the finalists.

Profiles: the boys

Pete: we came for the freak show, we stayed for the lovePete grew up on tour with the Communards and has a talent for winning people over. Not a bad bone in his body.

Low point: this week he has chosen to spend a large amount of valuable vote winning time snogging Nikki. Yes, we were all happy to see the first kiss but the British public is fickle - you keep it up (cough) and you'll be public enemy number one before you know it.

From day one: all the housemates assumed Pete was going to win - and its probably true.

Gyln: loyalty, streaking and black pudding fancierGlyn (not Glen - right!) hopes to be "the first [sic] Welsh Prime Minister" and become an MP for Plaid Cymru.

Interests: ranting against posh people, promoting Welsh nationalism, eating black pudding.

Special skills: roof top escapades, life guard, small town charm (hopes to teach Welsh when he grows up)

Bad points: stuck up for obnoxious bully Grace, weakness for fake breasts.

Richard: one of the adults of the house - should win but wontRichard described himself as a "sexual terrorist" in his interview to get in the house but turned out to be a lovely cuddly Canadian.

Interests: moulding plastic, hats, wicked diary room remarks.

Give him a break: has been up for eviction almost every week and has beaten the opposition into the ground.

Stop crying: whilst Richard has been the most grown up housemate he has burst into tears twice in the last couple of weeks - once when he won a letter from home and once when he let down his friend Lea (pictured in the mirror). Good strategy, less is more.

Profiles: the girls

Aishleen: Will this get me more votes? no love - it wont.

Aisleen a super villain on the scale of Moriaty, Lex Luther and Donald Rumsfeld all rolled into one. Bookies have slashed her odds to win in the last few days - but don't be fooled big bets don't reflect her actually popularity (or lack there-of) I suspect she has dark minions trying to fool the nation.

Super bitch quote: you better know yourself little girl (what?)

Greatest fears: that people are not noticing her, that people aren't going to vote for her.

New low: deliberately sabotaged arch rival Pete's "election speech" and then wanted everyone to feel sorry for her about it.

Who is she? Who is she? Who is she?Nikki has a heart of gold but is soooo emotionally retarded - determined to bring everyone down when she feels low.

As a returning housemate: she is privy to the newspaper gossip about all the housemates and aware of secret diary room conversations. People say she is playing up to her stereotype but they forget she was a headcase when she was in the house before.

Mass of contradictions: people like her but can't stand her at the same time. We know she is a good person, but don't really want to put up with her tantrums.

Jennie: my secret shameJennie has snuck under the radar in order to make it into the final week of Big Brother. On the whole quiet, down to earth and unassuming - but wont take shit.

My secret shame: I may be developing a crush on her - therefore it is good the show is ending - because that is super sad.

Pros and Cons: the tactic of not getting noticed (by not being mental) can get you to the final - but it can't get you the £100,000 - she's been coming out of her shell of late but no matter how deserving she has not got a chance.

Who I want to win

Richard then Glyn then Jennie then Pete - anyone but Aishleen or Nikki.

My prediction for tomorrow's eviction order

1st out Jennie

2nd out Richard

3rd out Nikki

4th out Aishleen

5th out Glyn

6th out, and therefore the winner, Pete

Ooooohhh it's so exciting!


Renegade Eye said...

I don't get that show here. I'm for Jennie.

Jim Jay said...

Well, you're probably lucky as it a mark of the prole to be into Big Brother - and not in a good way either.

It's a shame that Jennie can't win because she's the only one that you could actually live with without going spare - so she deserves to win.

Sadly to win the game isn't just about being a sound person.

Jim Jay said...

Oooooo.... half way through final night and my predictions have been pretty good - although not perfect.

Incidently it was nice to see Grace was still being booed in the pre-match warm up...

Jennie out first - kind of inevitable but it's not because people dislike her, she just doesn't inspire the kind of adoration required... she made me smile when she screamed look "I'm dressed like a girl!"

Nikki next (got her the wrong way roung with Richard) really pleased she didn't do better. Someone the other night said when she left the house the first time people loved her, this time they'll boo - oh how right they were - an absolute avalanch.

It's weird - basically she's a child playing an adult's game so on the one hand you feel pity for her cos she is out of her depth, but on the other she chose to be there and needs to lie in the bed.

As Davina (presenter) said the eviction "was always going to be eventful wasn't it" poor luv was shaking crying and rebelling - now off into obscurity!

£rd out Richard - well done mate - and what a glorious reception he got, I couldn't hear a single boo. People really like him, I'm so pleased.

Favorite quote from post eviction chat "I'm a tough cookie. I came to win - but I came out with a lot more."

Down to three - Jesus I was nervous A would get into last two. Yeah! Aishleen was next (she has yet to leave the house so we'll see what she has to say)

Good luck the two boys left in the house!!!

Jim Jay said...

As predicted - Pete is the winner - woooooo....

Glyn was great when he came out the house he grabbed an inflatable sheep from the crowd and danced with it then spotted a Welsh flag and went bananas.

"At first I wanted everything to be Welsh now I want to see the world" mind you he won hearts and minds when he said he was going to keep going in education and become a teacher - despite everything the boy has a real modesty about him.

Pete - his tourettes ran wild and he was rolling around, destroyed the house, rolled down the stairs - and then went into a strange story about how his friends came down from heaven, showed him a spiral and said he had to win big brother - I'm now worried about the guy!

However, I now understand why he's such a sorted guy - he's been through hell and lived to tell the tale... it was adrenaline TV all night - fantastic!

I have no shame... tut

Jim Jay said...

This one is for the Stat lovers

Jennie 0.09% of the vote (ouch)
Nikki 6.5%
Richard 9.2%
Aisleen 22%

And of the final two Pete got 61.2%

Don't try to add them up because the voting carried on after each one was evicted...

stroppybird said...


What are you going to do with all the free time on your hands now its ended :-)

Jim Jay said...

I know I know - I'll have to find something equally vapid to fill my time, sigh

Jim Jay said...

Pete has dumped Nikki apparently here yeah!